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The push for a better healthcare has been going on for decades. Americans’ determination and demand must be accompanied with the willingness, cooperation, courage, and political will of leaders in the government and the private sector.

Dr. Nelson A. Paguyo reveals a proposal that identifies and offers solutions to the current woes on the US healthcare system in his book, Healthcare for All Americans. Although there are existing debates, they are mostly driven by politics and power play, disregarding the very people they are fighting for. Paguyo encourages the American people to grab the opportunity to change the present system. In his proposal, he tells of an ideal healthcare that is universal, user-friendly, simple to administer, worry-free and reliable, affordable and sustainable, and based on free market principles that are applicable and adaptable for other countries.

He has done a comparative study of the seven well-known national healthcare schemes, from Canada, England, France, and Germany to Japan, Sweden and Switzerland. Paguyo aims to push an advocacy that will dismantle and completely reconstruct the US healthcare system in its present form. This can only be done with the cooperation of all sectors of the American society.

About the Author

Nelson A. Paguyo has forty-years of experience as a medical doctor. Before his retirement in 2005, he spent seven years in residency and fellowship training, two years with NIH research, twenty years in solo medical practice, and thirteen years as a member of a staff-model HMO.

Nelson A. Paguyo, MD


The U.S. healthcare does not have to be government-controlled, or run as a single-payer.
It is universal in scope that provides a comprehensive medical and dental healthcare coverage for all Americans, legal permanent residents, and refugees.

It can be uniquely an American answer to some of the most basic healthcare concerns we have—accessibility by all Americans; portability; affordability; freedom to choose one’s provider and for the provider to practice his/her healthcare profession without interference from others.

In an attempt to formulate a healthcare model consistent with the characteristics of some of the best available systems rolled into one, this proposed U.S. healthcare approach has incorporated in it all the qualities of an ideal healthcare plan. To accomplish and develop such a healthcare scheme means, the complete dismantling and rebuilding from scratch the present American healthcare system to give birth to an ideal new system that is universal, affordable, and sustainable.

The Congress of the U.S. shall legislate a healthcare bill that shall consolidate all finances earmarked for healthcare expenditures into a single healthcare superfund; consisting of all federal healthcare expenditures including the federal employees’ health benefits, Medicare and Medicaid programs; present state governments’ contribution to healthcare for their poor citizens; present employers’ contribution to their employees’ healthcare benefits; and employees and individuals’ contribution for their own healthcare coverage shall all be thrown into the healthcare superfund for the sole purpose of financing the healthcare of all Americans.


Jacob Cleveland Lulu Publishing, Inc.

“This extremely well-written and easy-to-read treatise on the state of healthcare in the US and the author’s proposed solutions is sure to garner much-deserved attention.”

Midwest Book Review

“Paguyo offers a solution for America’s woes in a system of universal healthcare. A close study of the pros and cons of systems in Canada, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan reveals positive options that America can put together to form a greatly improved system for ensuring that sick people get treated properly. Tactics for implementing this new system are also discussed, in this thoughtful, well-reasoned proposal for a solid solution to America’s healthcare problems.”

Micheal M. Trejo Gadsden, Alabama

“Informative, insightful, and filled with well-thought-out solutions, Paguyo’s book is a must-read for all Americans who believe in universal healthcare.”


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