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How to Achieve Quality Healthcare for Americans

Nelson Paguyo February 22, 2018

Creating a health plan that is more ideal for ordinary American citizens through quality improvement in healthcare

Healthcare services have been complex, and the process of improving them has been challenging. One of the ways that provides hope for a better healthcare plan for Americans is through quality improvement. This . . .

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Features of the Ideal Healthcare Plan

Nelson Paguyo February 15, 2018

Learning how to identify the features of a quality healthcare plan through research and analysis

One of the most important things to do is securing a good healthcare plan that not only provides sufficient coverage but is also affordable. When finding the right type of health insurance, a good place to start is to consider w . . .

Why US Healthcare Must Be Reformed

Nelson Paguyo February 8, 2018

Steadily escalating cost of healthcare in US makes reforms necessary

To tackle the rising cost of healthcare in US, extending the reach of government programs and doling out subsidies seem to be the key standards on which health reforms are evaluated. The ACA (Affordable Care Act) launched in 2010 works well on these parameters since it tried to meet its g . . .

healthcare reform

Last Chance to Advocate for Healthcare Reform

Nelson Paguyo February 1, 2018

Ideal solutions to US healthcare reform that offers comprehensive coverage to all Americans

Though most Americans believe their country needs healthcare reform since the present healthcare system is headed toward the wrong direction, a vast majority of those having insurance of some type are still happy enough with their pl . . .

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